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STATE provides Credit Life Insurance in New Zealand. At State we’ve been helping New Zealanders with their insurance for more than 100 years. Our experience in the industry speaks for our knowledge and expertise in dealing with the specific needs of our valued customers. We treat each customers with great care. We know that not every person or family requires the same insurance cover. You may have a certain lifestyle that will entail a specially designed policy to fit you. We take all the essential elements of your needs and craft a solution that is ideal for you, transparent and fits within your premiums requirements.

We give a truthful, satisfying service, with a team of consultants who are passionate about helping people. Having a financial backbone in place is essential in today’s world. With the cost of living going through the roof, you cannot simply survive on your minimum wage should the breadwinner of your family pass away. Would your home endure major damages, you need the financial assistance to get your feet back on the ground. We are here to help you.

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STATE provides Credit Life Insurance in New Zealand. By investing in an insurance policy that covers your family in times of need is a simple and easy process to follow with us. We offer a valuable product to suit your needs, and your financial requirements when you can no longer provide. In the event of your untimely death, or a terminal illness in your life, we will be able to cover your debt when you cannot afford to.

By covering your loved ones with a transparent and beneficial cover, our credit life insurance will take care of the financial difficulties. Make sure you have your family protected. Having a short or long term debt can cause catastrophic repercussions for the people you leave behind in the time of your death. Don’t let your family suffer, protect them today. Call one of our friendly and helpful advisors for all the information you need to cover your family.

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