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SouthSure provides Credit Life Insurance in New Zealand. We’re committed to ensuring our compliance with the Privacy Act 1993. We value your privacy and recognise it’s crucial to building and maintaining trust between us. Our mission in the insurance industry is to provide a quality and valuable service to our customers. This means, giving you the right cover for the right reasons.

We work with you to define a customised solution that will benefit you and your family. Keeping in mind that unexpected situations can cause a financial block on our lives, we need to be prepared in this event, and have the security to keep our families safe. SouthSure helps the people you leave behind with the assured peace of mind, that you are covered for any event. Not only do we specialise in life and credit insurance, we cover your home and valuables. We are the insurance specialists. Contact us and get your life in order, so that you can enjoy living and making memories.

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SouthSure provides Credit Life Insurance in New Zealand. Should you die before your major loans and debts are fully paid, our Credit Life Insurance is the best choice you could have made. Your estate and will take months if not up to a year to pay out to your family. How will they survive without an income from the main provider of the family? How would they settle or repay the house mortgage, vehicle payments and everything else that they need to survive? This is where our insurance covers prepare you for the worst.

We never know what may happen in our lives, and when it will happen. Tragedy can strike at any time, leaving us unprepared. Don’t be a victim of not securing the financial safety of your family. Let one of our consultants assist you and take advantage of this incredible product. For the sake of the people you love, and the protection of your financial debts.

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  • Life Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

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