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Co-op Insurance NZ provides Credit Life Insurance in New Zealand. Co-op Insurance NZ is the trading name for Credit Union Insurance Limited, an insurer licensed by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand under the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010. With many years under our reputable name in the insurance business, our staff are what brings us the valuable clients we need to sustain our excellent and affordable services. Our people are trained, skilled and have vast experience behind them.

We keep updated with the latest trends of the industry, ensuring our clients always receive the most recent and updated offers. We add as much value to the covers we offer as we possibly can. Our range of simple, affordable insurance products are designed to make it easy for you to protect your family and your possessions – so you can sleep easier at night! Contact us today, and get the quality service at affordable premiums.

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Co-op Insurance NZ provides Credit Life Insurance in New Zealand. No one can predict what their future holds, people get sick without warning, and fatal accidents can happen in an instant. We know how difficult life can be, with the financial obligations we hold to keep our families protected and able to live comfortably. Having a home is one of our biggest expenses. Mortgage payments can take a large chunk out of your monthly wages. We rely on our jobs to pay those bills.

A fatal incident or terminal illness, disability or similar situation can be a huge spoke in the wheel of life. This will be a challenge in your family’s life to deal with, especially when it comes to paying back the financial debts that you can no longer attend to. Our credit life insurance is available to all our customers needing to protect their families for what may happen. We have your back! Your family can keep their home, put food on the table and carry on with life without the financial police knocking on the door.

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  • Car Insurance
  • Funeral Plan
  • Life Insurance

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