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About – SouthernCross

SouthernCross provides business travel insurance cover for those residing in New Zealand. New Zealand has a public healthcare system that will look after your acute needs and a public no-fault accident insurance scheme (ACC) that covers you for accidental injury.

As a company, we place great emphasis on cultivating a dynamic and energetic culture within our organisation. Our dedicated and passionate people live our brand every day. Our staff retention rate bears testament to their enthusiasm and to the company’s objective of attracting and most importantly, retaining good people. Our people receive training in order to improve their knowledge and confidence in a wide range of areas. Some of these areas include: sales and customer service, finance, administration, management and many more. Our community extends to the environment that we work in, and beyond.

Our people are encouraged to become involved in their local areas of influence. Join our team, and be part of something bigger. Call us today.

Services – SouthernCross

SouthernCross in New Zealand offer their clients an incredible offer through business travel insurance. We provide exceptional staff, evolving technology and appropriate rates, combined with a flexible approach to constantly evolve and grow through delivering sustainable solutions. We offer a fully inclusive business travel insurance, when you need assistance far from home. Whether or not you are travelling long or short distance, or whatever the length of stay, we have the business insurance cover for travellers that will ensure you get home in one piece.

We offer;

  • Convenience and security of one policy issued in a corporate name which provides travel insurance cover for any organisation’s staff whenever they travel
  • Cost savings
  • We will provide electronic claim forms to travellers as required
  • The consultant submits the claim, keeping the traveller updated on progress.

Just another product designed to suit your insurance needs. We will be happy to discuss the cover in more detail with you should you have business travellers travelling away on business. Secure your companies rights, and make sure your valued business travellers don’t have to ensure any stress during their trip.

Summary of Services

  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Rent Protection
  • Cancer Coverage
  • Permanent & Term Life Insurance
  • Accident & Hospital Coverage
  • Mortgage Insurance

Physical Address

Southern Cross Health Society, Level 1, Ernst & Young Building, 2 Takutai Square
North Island
New Zealand

Phone: 0800 800 181

Postal Address

Southern Cross Health Society, Private Bag 99934, Newmarket
New Zealand

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