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LifeDirect provides business travel insurance which is of great value in New Zealand. To meet your needs, we propose a personalised service from a dedicated team of insurance specialists.

We have earned a reputation of excellence over the past years and pride ourselves on the delivery of exceptional service with maximum flexibility to suit the requirements of our loyal customer base. Efficiency will be the golden thread of our partnership and delivered in the following key by Combining travel expertise and technologies to deliver service excellence at three of the most important stages of the insurance cycle. Our aim is to make insurance simple, accessible and transparent, yet affordable for our clients. We know we can make a difference in every life we encounter, and we have the reputable years of happy clients to show for it.

We will continue to give people an easier, simpler way to compare insurance and clear up the confusion that was involved with this important life decision.

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LifeDirect will assit you with your business travel insurance if you are a resident in New Zealand. We use our years in the industry to work in our innovation and way forward to improve the cover we offer our clients.

We care about your business and your business travellers. This is why we have come up with a business travel insurance cover, which covers your travellers in the event of theft, loss of baggage and passports, and accidental injuries and even death. Our staff has a proven track record in acting swiftly during these incidents, and all resources within our organisation, and across our network, would be mobilised wherever necessary to provide assistance. Don’t let the frustration of losing your passport, having your luggage stolen, or missing your flight stress you out when you are already trying to cope with meetings and clients’ needs of your own.

We will take all the necessary precautions to ensure you have a guardian angel on your side, protecting all your travel mishaps while away.

Summary of Services

  • Life Cover
  • Medical Cover
  • Disability Cover
  • Health Insurance
  • Accident Cover
  • Life Insurance

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