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PINNACLE LIFE has been providing Business insurance in New Zealand since 1998, doing what we do best for the community and the good people of New Zealand. Finding the edge in technology and innovation bringing the latest updated insurance covers our customers.

We like to know that we pave the financial future of those you leave pay the mortgage, investing in education, putting food on the table and paying the monthly bills. No matter what your insurance needs, having insurance has become an essential part of life. Insurance is a financial protection when you need it. Life can throw you a curve ball when you least expect it. Showing that we care is quite easy to say for us. We care for our clients, our staff and our suppliers – including the environment we live in.

The care and passion we have for our work, flows through in everything we do.

Services – Pinnacle Life

PINNACLE LIFE provides Business insurance to consumers in New Zealand. We aim to provide a world class insurance commitment to all our clients with a strategy going forward for every business need.

Investing in the growth and stability of your business, also means having the protection in place, to ensure you are covered in the event of something out of your control. We cannot be totally prepared for a fire, hail damage, storm, theft, sever damages to property. But having a good insurance in place, allows you to be financially secure. Should something happen to your business, we will cover all the damages and help get your business back on its fee4t in no time at all. We have touched thousands of lives and businesses with our approach to putting your needs first.

With a suitable insurance solution for your specific needs, it’s no wonder we have one of the largest reputable business lists on hand, which we protect every day.

Summary of Services

  • Life Cover
  • Cancer Cover
  • Mortgage Cover
  • Funeral Cover

Physical Address

Gillies Avenue Office Park, 27 Gillies Avenue
North Island
New Zealand

Phone: 0800 22 22 23 / (09) 522 5515

Fax: (09) 522 5518


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PO BOX 1471
New Zealand

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