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PIC provides Business insurance and finanical security in New Zealand. PIC Insurance Brokers is one of the largest 100% owned independent Broker left in New Zealand.

We have brokers with over 15 years’ experience in the insurance industry, adding value to every customer that enters our family. Being part of an insurance company which has some of the biggest assets in their team, can make a huge difference to any client’s life. We have a team of the most experienced staff, whom are all completely dedicated to providing a service to their clients, that tops the bar in quality service.

With a trusted name in the country, our brands stands out amongst top quality, professional and trusting. We are a proud firm, making our clients top priority and putting their needs above all else. Keeping you up to date with the latest trend, our technology and innovation keep evolving, and we keep the communication ongoing at all times.

Services – PIC Business Insurance

PIC provides an assortment of business insurance and more in New Zealand. We pride ourselves on the delivery of exceptional service with maximum flexibility to suit the requirements of our loyal and exclusive client base.

Our consultants offer you years’ experience and receive regular training to ensure a high quality, professional service to our clients. Building a business takes hard work and dedication, patience and finances. We want to protect your business from any drastic damage than can occur in a second. We will secure your greatest assets and keep them safe from loss. We have you covered, so that you can progress and build your business at all times. With a trusting and dedicated team on hand to provide you with the service expectations you require, call us today. We will give you the support, quality service delivery, and the protection you need to save your company when unexpected situations arise.

We thrive on using our best advisors to offer you a solution to unforeseen situations that can leave your business cash strapped. Let us protect you in times of need, call us today.

Summary of Services

  • Business Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance

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New Zealand

Phone: 0508 742 742 / (09) 274 5751

Email: insure@pic.co.nz